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May 27, 2013
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Royal Holiday [COMMISSION] by FacelessJr Royal Holiday [COMMISSION] by FacelessJr
After a long and interesting conversation with her mentor, one of Twilight's questions strikes Princess Celestia with an unexpected lack of immediate response.

"When was the last time you and Luna took a vacation together?"

To her knowledge, the regal Princess had never taken a vacation from her duties since her reign started over 1,000 years ago. After a little convincing, Twilight manages to persuade Her Majesty into taking a week off. The royal sisters plan and pack for a week long Summer getaway at their newly acquired royal beach house in Horseshoe Bay, leaving Canterlot and the entire kingdom of Equestria in Twilight's caring hooves. Before they take off, Luna gives Twilight a few pointers for keeping the Kingdom running smoothly. While she thinks of any last little details to share with Twilight, Spike and the bellhop get the chariot packed up. Celestia notices the bellhop is precariously pulling on the luggage rope, so she gets ready to catch him.

Another awesome commission finished up for :iconslayerman118:

Man, I've gotta say, this one turned out really colorful. It was a 'royal pain' to get the chariot figured out for this perspective and appropriately modified to haul luggage, but I think it worked out pretty well. Had a lot of fun designing Luna and Celestia's casual wear, possibly borrowing a pre-existing design for Luna's shirt (who wears a blue shirt with purple triangles on it anyways?). Got some inspiration for Celestia's sandles from this super old picture of Berry Punch. I may have embellished a little for the unfortunate bellhop pony's Cutie Mark. I like to think his name is 'Heavy Weight' and he's actually supposed to be a professional boxer, hence the boxing ring bell. He's currently stuck in the service industry earning bits until he figures out what he's actually good at.

This one was also extremely large. What you're seeing here is the half-resolution version; I originally did this at 4438 x 3750. My computer is so old and shitty that it couldn't handle rendering the scene in full resolution, so I suppose this one will have to do. Still looks pretty darn good.

Enough with my autistic rambling, though; I hope you guys enjoy the awesome commission piece. I should have more pones ready sometime soon, so keep an eye out for your good 'ol buddy Faceless NiggerFaggot Jr. Keep it classy, ponefriends.
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Spartan545 Nov 13, 2013  Student General Artist

Celestia: Everything you need to do is on the.....*portal opens* Twilight, was that you?

Twilight: No, I was looking at the list.

Celestia: Luna?

Luna: *shakes head before hearing a sound from the newly opened portal* I hear something.

Twilight: Can this day get any worse? *A Purple and Green Dragon emerges from the Portal. After emerging, the portal closes*

Skylander Spike: Whoa, Rough Landing. *notices* Hi, have you seen....*looks around* a Soul Gem? *the ponies continue to stare* Hey, Stop Staring, haven't you ever seen a dragon like me before?

Twilight: A Dragon who can summon a portal?

Skylander Spike: You got a problem with that, Ali?

Twilight: Ali?

Skylander Spike: That's basically a nickname for Alicorn Twilight.

Twilight: But.....I'm a Princess. *another Portal opens and two Twilight's emerge*

Ali Twi: Not likely.

Uni Twi: You are technically not a Princess.

Celestia: But she had a coronation.

Ali Twi: She might've had a coronation, but she is not a Princess, she is just a Variant who consumed her original.

Luna: Who are you to judge whether she is a Princess or not?


Skylander Spike: Spike the Dragon, Skylander of Magic, and Equestria's Dragon Prince.

Uni Twi: Twilight Sparkle, Skylander of Magic and Scholar.

Ali Twi: Ali Twilight, Skylander Variant of Magic and Co-Ruler of the Variant World.


Twilight: But who is the other?

Ali Twi: My husband, Punch Pop Fizz, Skylander Variant of Magic and favored Alchemist.


Celestia: A Dragon Prince?

Skylander Spike: One and only back in our universe.


Luna: A scholar?

Uni Twi: I enjoy it as I enjoy protecting our universe.

LOL this.. this is hilarious. i got a kick out of the list twi has  :D awesome picture!! keep it up!
So... Luna likes surfing?
Dat! Guard! Is! Badass
Chyroation Jul 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Badass gaurd is badass.
Luna's shirt does looks like Rocko's shirt as these two are the same
BTW nice one^^
ChocoBlissie Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
whose wing is that in front of the guard with the sunglasses? *^*
DjTechnoSkittlez Jun 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
1 dont worry about the sun or the moon
2 blueblood is under arrest
3 dont accept any strange gifts
4 discord is to stay indoors while we are away
5 use the elements at your discretion
6 tell my sisters theres cake in the fridge
SkylordZuleano Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1- lol the bellhops cutie mark is a bell harhar
2-sunglasses on a guard. I applaud thee
Awesome Guard looking awesome!
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